WRAF Veteran Daphne Celebrates Her Centenary At Chawley

Proud Oxfordshire woman Daphne Moore had plenty to celebrate when she was thrown a surprise party for her 100th birthday.

Family and staff gathered at Chawley Grove to mark Daphne’s big day.

Daphne is no stranger to surprises having served in the Women’s Royal Airforce (WRAF) during the Second World War, which meant she was always switching her skills to take on whatever work was deemed a priority during the war.

This meant Daphne had to be involved in a range of activities and jobs, such as parachute packing, aircraft maintenance transport and communications.

Her solid training meant that Daphne went on to train as a district nurse in later life and she even spent some time working as a hairdresser – always patient and caring.

Born on May 5, 1922, Daphne spent most of her life in North Oxfordshire and moved to Chawley Grove in March this year.

Having five children has meant that Daphne now has nearly 40 immediate family members and many visit her regularly.

She has also spent a lifetime volunteering for charity and has always enjoyed swimming, sewing, knitting, gardening and cooking.

Chawley Grove Community Relations Lead Mark Laundy said: “Daphne is a remarkable woman who has spent a lifetime thinking about others.

“We really wanted to make such a big fuss of Daphne who deserves to put her feet up and enjoy her friends and family. It is a privilege to have Daphne at Chawley Grove.”