Dementia Care

Specialist dementia care designed to support our residents as individuals, understanding their own unique needs and life histories

At Hamberley Care Homes we understand that person-centred care is especially important to ensure that residents living with dementia continue to enjoy the quality of life that they are used to.

We appreciate that each resident is affected differently and that every person’s care preferences are specific to them. In order for us to provide an outstanding care experience our specialist dementia team are trained in supporting and valuing all our residents as individuals and responding to their unique needs.

We recognise that advances in dementia care are happening all the time and our staff are part of a continuous training programme that keeps them up to date with best practice and the latest innovations in care.

As part of our personalised Wellbeing & Lifestyle Programme we explore our residents’ life histories, their likes and dislikes and, most importantly with memory loss, the activities that keep them most engaged and connected.

We offer reminiscence activities designed to stimulate the brain and promote social interaction. If residents would like to spend the afternoon relaxing watching classic films, flicking through vintage magazines, or watching old news footage, our care team are on hand to help arrange it.

We work together with families and loved ones to develop a care plan that promotes residents’ independence and encourages new experiences when possible. The programme also ensures that residents feel safe and supported, and the therapies and massages offered in our salons help residents relax and ease stress and anxiety.

Our team take the time to get to know each individual resident, understanding their likes and dislikes and personal tastes. This knowledge is then used to create familiar and comforting surroundings, for example, having specific items readily available such as photographs or favourite clothing, or making sure their bedroom furniture includes their favourite chair or other treasured belongings.

Our nurturing living environments are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of our residents with dementia. Rooms and living spaces have been adapted to make daily life as comfortable as possible, including good quality lighting throughout to help residents feel settled and comfortable finding their way around the home. Some areas have sensor lighting to create a more homely environment during evening hours, and corridors are segmented with places to stop and sit, making them more intimate, social spaces.

We have clear signage throughout our homes to support way finding, and to help our residents recognise their rooms. Each room door has a personalised frame containing a collage of each resident’s favourite things, dear memories, or special photographs to help foster a sense of belonging and encourage reminiscence. All our homes have safe but stimulating sensory outdoor areas so that residents can enjoy pottering in the garden or taking strolls within the grounds.

Our range of communal lounges allow residents to relax in quiet, smaller spaces or meet together with family and friends in a spacious yet peaceful setting. If family members have questions regarding a loved one’s care, team members are always on hand to answer questions, provide information or introduce appropriate support groups.


What training do your staff receive?

All members of our team are given the training and support needed to help them provide the highest standards of care. In addition to the statutory training that all care workers have to complete, we also ensure our staff receive bespoke Hamberley specific training in areas that we feel will help staff to provide an outstanding care experience.


Do you cater for specific dietary needs?

Yes we do. We have a wide variety of dishes on our menus and we regularly do meal planning with residents so that we make sure we can cater for their likes and dislikes and all their nutritional needs.


Can a resident bring their own furniture to use in the room?

Yes, we welcome personalisation of our homes and wherever possible residents are encouraged to bring with them their favourite items of furniture. All furniture is subject to suitability and risk assessment.

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