Award-winning dementia care

At Hamberley, we take a different approach to dementia care. Striving to be the best dementia care home provider in the UK, we have considered every aspect of good dementia care – from our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facilities to the top-class recruitment of staff.

Our number one priority for residents living with dementia is to welcome, support, and embrace their ever-changing needs. We understand how hard it can be to find the perfect dementia care home for a loved one living with memory loss, behavioural changes and other symptoms affecting older people as dementia progresses.

At Hamberley, we know that families and individuals are seeking specialist dementia care homes that meet their individual needs, and allow people to feel safe and comfortable. We understand that emotions are high, changes are on the horizon, and everyone involved needs a lot of support. 

A dementia-friendly environment

Luxury, dementia-friendly nursing homes designed to prioritise care

Every Hamberley home is specially designed to allow people living with dementia to keep living lives full of satisfaction, the way they want to live them. In our homes, a person with dementia can live independently and contentedly within a safe environment.

Anyone who has cared for someone with dementia will understand how important it is to stimulate their senses. With this in mind, we made sure residents are able to find stimuli for hearing, sight, touch and smell all around Hamberley’s homes. We have made sure there are signs and other way-finding mediums to prevent residents from becoming disorientated – all in line with the current expert recommendations.

Our Approach To Dementia Care - The Four Hallmarks Of Excellence

People who live with dementia have as much right as anyone else to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

This remains at the forefront of our dementia care, and through our clinical excellence and collaboration we mean to offer the absolute best dementia care throughout all of our homes around the UK.

Hamberley's Dementia Hallmarks

Dementia Hallmark 1

Our dementia care revolves around our award-winning person centred approach. Our care homes are places of solace where our residents can live life they way they want to and find comfort in socialising with other residents, friends and family, and people from the local community.

We’ve replaced the outdated hierarchical model of care with an innovative, universal approach. Instead of a traditional carer, we employ Homemakers – care professionals who are carers, housekeepers and companions, all in one. Our Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coaches help residents to live whatever life they choose, while also facilitating existing hobbies and pastimes, as well as creating new ones. 

Our clinical team is always on hand to steer our Homemakers, provide complex care, and adapt when our residents' care needs change. Clinical team and nurse support is available all day, every day.

This kind of attitude to dementia care puts us in a positive position where we can work hard to encourage our residents to engage in activities, socialise, and most importantly lead a fulfilled and meaningful life with us.

No matter what their personal struggles may be, we strive to create bespoke care programmes that help our residents living with dementia to integrate themselves into our care home communities.

Dementia Hallmark 2: We recognise individualityEvery person living with dementia has their own unique story and needs. At every Hamberley Care Home, time and care is taken to discover who the resident is and what will help them specifically to enjoy a better quality of life.

From our Home Managers to our Homemakers, everybody in a Hamberley Care Home strives to create experiences that are meaningful for each resident as an individual.

Dementia is an ever-changing condition, and it can be difficult for people to watch their loved ones live with it. Rather than let it overwhelm, though, our teams are on hand to give support and help everyone involved to steer through those changes.

We promote independent living as often as we can at Hamberley Care Homes.

Dementia Hallmark 3People who live with dementia have as much right as anyone else to live healthy, fulfilling lives. This remains at the forefront of our dementia care, and through our clinical excellence and collaboration we offer the absolute best dementia care throughout all of our homes around the UK.

We’re all different. Everyone has different interests and hobbies, different personalities, different backgrounds. We recognise the importance of this, and we celebrate what makes each resident special. Each of our care homes have a dedicated Wellbeing & lifestyle Coach, and part of their role is to spend time daily with each resident at their home. They’ll learn what they like and don’t like, what they did for work, who they are and their life stories.

They aim to identify ways to help residents get involved in activities that will enhance their happiness. These activities can be anything, from physical sports and games, personal hobbies, or therapeutic sessions.

Dementia Hallmark 4There are daily opportunities for people with dementia to get involved in activities created with a focus on dementia care. Our teams have come up with plenty of activities to stimulate the senses. These range from art therapy and gentle exercise classes, to music, food-tasting and even pet therapy. We regularly organise activities and events with people from the local community, which means individuals can remain an important part of the world outside of their home. There are many clubs and workshops available for people living with dementia – for example, our Dementia-Friendly Cinema Club.

Arguably our most exciting development in dementia therapy is the ‘Magic Table’, a Mobii interactive projector containing all kinds of games and challenges that help people who need dementia care to be active, social, and entertained, simultaneously given sensory prompts to engage and interact with.

Across the UK, our care homes hold their own unique events, based on feedback from the people we care for, along with the links available in the local area. Dementia Friendly Cinema Clubs, Magic Table gatherings, flower arranging, gentle exercise…Our dementia friendly events are an opportunity for people to meet others who live with dementia, swap stories and socialise, and most importantly they can remain comfortable knowing that their needs are recognised by our team and their peers.

Working alongside dementia and Alzheimer’s charities in the local area means we can create meaningful social interactions for our residents and others who live with dementia.

Find dementia care near you

In your search for the right support, it's important to make a shortlist and make the time for visiting care homes. Use our postcode search tool to find your nearest Hamberley Care Home. Every Hamberley Care Home is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can be reassured that our approach to care is recognised.

If you're interested in arranging a visit to our homes, please contact us to arrange a visit or get some advice about the process.

Questions about dementia care at Hamberley Care Homes

Making the decision to find a care home for a family member is usually considered when the symptoms of dementia become too challenging to manage in their own home or pose a safety risk to the individual or others.

A dementia care specialist home, like Hamberley Care Homes, becomes an appropriate choice when the individual requires around-the-clock supervision, specialised care, or when their daily living activities become significantly impaired. This might be due to increasing memory loss, changes in mental capacity, disorientation, or difficulties with tasks like personal care, dressing, eating, and maintaining personal hygiene.

Another clear sign is if the person living with dementia becomes increasingly agitated, aggressive, or experiences significant changes in their behaviour that are difficult to manage at home. This might include wandering, disturbed sleep patterns, or an inability to recognise familiar faces.

Caring for loved ones with dementia at home can be very challenging and when the condition progresses, it is often in their best interests to seek more care. If your own physical or mental health is suffering due to the demands of providing care, this is also a sign that it may be time to consider specialist dementia care homes.

At Hamberley Care Homes, we provide a compassionate and nurturing environment for individuals living with dementia. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring each resident receives person-centred care tailored to their specific needs and preferences. We provide a sense of security and comfort for families, knowing that their loved ones are being well looked after in a safe, stimulating and homely environment.

Care homes for dementia are residential care settings that provide assistance with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and managing medications. Care home staff are trained to understand the challenges of living with dementia and provide support and compassion. 

Nursing homes for dementia offer more intensive medical care than care homes, providing specialised nursing to support people as their symptoms progress. Choosing a nursing home gives you peace of mind that as people’s care needs change and nursing requirements increase, indiviuals can remain in the same home for their care. When considering care, ask how many carers are trained in dementia and how they work with the clinical and nursing teams.

Every Hamberley home can provide nursing and residential care, with different types of specialist support tailored around care needs following a detailed care assessment and development of a care plan. We work closely with social services, GPs and families to provide the right information to guide care choices.

Absolutely. At Hamberley Care Homes, we believe in delivering exceptional, research-led care. Our collaboration with research bodies, consultants, and experts ensures that we provide the best practices in dementia care.

All our staff members undergo comprehensive dementia awareness training, enabling them to understand the complexities of living with dementia for both residents and their relatives. Our focus is not only on those living with dementia but also extends to their loved ones, ensuring we provide a comprehensive support system.

Within our teams, we have 'Champions' - dedicated staff members who receive advanced training to cater to residents with unique needs, including cognitive or behavioural challenges. This level of expert care underscores our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all our residents.

In essence, at Hamberley Care Homes, we prioritise professional development and empathy, underlining our dedication to excellence in dementia care.

People with dementia have to pay care home fees and an individual's financial situation and their specific nursing and care needs will have an impact on the cost of care. Hamberley Care Homes can carry out a needs assessment for you and arrange a financial assessment. 

Many individuals find that they are eligible for additional funding, such as Local Authority Funding, NHS Funded Nursing Care or NHS Continuing Healthcare. Our Regional Community Relations leads are experienced in guiding individuals and families through understanding these arrangements and costs.

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