Richmond Manor Care Home, Bedfordshire

The luxurious Richmond Manor Care Home in Ampthill provides residential, dementia and nursing care for the older community, as well as short breaks. Our caring team, including our award-winning Homemakers are here to offer state-of-the-art person centred care in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

14 Dunstable Street
MK45 2JT

Welcome to Richmond Manor. Our care home in Ampthill offers an outstanding level of care within a luxurious environment - take a virtual tour of Richmond Manor here: 

Richmond Manor Virtual Tour

Keeping you safe

Keeping our residents safe, well and connected with their family and friends is our number one priority. The enhanced infection control measures we have in place go above and beyond industry standards, and we are delighted to be able to facilitate face to face family visits within our care home, alongside visits within our exclusive Family & Friends Lounge, as featured by the BBC.

Richmond Manor is based in the quaint and idyllic town of Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Our luxury care home provides residential, dementia and nursing care for the older community. Residents are also welcome to stay for short breaks, with the peace of mind that exceptional care and companionship is available at any time from our award-winning Homemaker team.

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Luxury Living at Richmond Manor Care Home Ampthill

As you step through the threshold at Richmond Manor, you'll be met with the scent of warm cakes and coffee in our St. George's Café.

The iconic stained-glass window is an eye-catching centrepiece of the café, taken from the original building that had originally stood there to honour the history behind it.

You'll find an assortment of delicacies and beverages available whenever you fancy it. St. George's Café is open to our residents and their loved ones, as well as to people from the local community. Come and have a brew!

Within the entrance to our luxurious care home in Ampthill you'll also spot our magnificent wellbeing and beauty salon, The Masquerade built for residents to relax whilst treating themselves to a pamper session. The salon is named after the picture book of the same name, that famously sparked a national treasure hunt, culminating in the discovery of a 'Golden Hare' in none other than Ampthill Park.

Our pampering sessions are put together as part of our bespoke Wellbeing & Lifestyle Programme, and can include spa treatments, massages and a range of beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures and hair cuts.

Scattered throughout Richmond you'll find all kinds of unique ornaments and decorations - as well as our stained-glass window, we have a distinctive red phonebox that evokes nostalgic feelings in anyone who walks by. 


Down through the corridor and we're at our private fully stocked bar, where residents can come in to indulge with their friends or family, wet their whistle, have a nightcap or celebrate a special occasion.

Next you'll find our in-house deluxe cinema, where residents can immerse themselves in the stories being told through the big screen. Residents can sit back and enjoy films of their choice through our captivating surround-sound system, with popcorn in hand.

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According to the Alzheimer's Society, "dementia-friendly screenings of films help people to reconnect with memories and others." At Richmond Manor we endeavour to provide the best dementia care for our residents, and our cinema has been proven to provoke positive memories and emotions.

Adjacent to our cinema is the spacious lounge area, fitted with double glass doors leading to a lovely and private paved courtyard that can play host to any number of outdoor activities.

Inside, though, the lounge area boasts comfortable furniture, television and games areas, which combined with the stunning interior gives the impression of true luxury living while still in a homely environment.

We have an abundance of breakaway areas, including a quiet circular lounge on each floor. The all-glass walls allow an exceptional amount of natural light into the room, making this the perfect place to sit back and get lost in a book.

At the end of a busy day, there's nothing like falling into your own warm and comfy bed. Richmond Manor has 69 generously sized bedrooms, all complete with the best en-suite facilities, including a walk-in shower. Bedrooms are tastefully decorated with a luxury finish, and can also be customised with our resident's own personal belongings, making it truly feel like home.

Person Centred Care In Our Ampthill Care Home

All aspects of our resident's past, present and future are considered as we create our personalised care package. This will be continuously updated throughout their stay at Richmond Manor as we adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Respecting an individual's past, supporting their existing strengths and ambitions, and honouring their personal identity. Through this, we can ensure a comfortable and content future for them at our home. As our Homemakers get to know our residents, we can perfect our care package to provide truly person centred care to each resident.

At Richmond Manor we love giving our residents every opportunity to be as independent as possible. This means they are encouraged to make new friendships, discover new things, and try out new hobbies - as well as cherishing their existing ones.

We strive to empower our residents to live their life to the fullest, however they choose to live it. Person centred care is all about supporting their future by learning all about their past.

The Homemakers of Hamberley

Our award-winning 'Homemaker' role is a unique and holistic care approach that allows residents to feel more at home. 

You'll be hard-pressed to find another local care home that offers care like The Homemakers of Hamberley. Our carers aren't just carers - they're housekeepers, carers, and most importantly, they're companions.

"When I first visited I was struck by the beautiful setting, furnishings and facilities. However, it is the professionalism and warmth of the Homemakers and all the staff that has made my mother's stay so happy. The attitude of staff is exemplary" - Daughter of a Hamberley Care Home resident

Whether you need someone to make your bed, a cup of tea with a biscuit, or even just a sit down and have a game of chess, our Homemakers are on hand to support you. Find out more about the Homemakers of Hamberley - watch our video: 

Please note: this footage was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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Being in the heart of Ampthill within walking distance of the vibrant small town, our Homemakers are in prime position to assist in taking residents out for a variety of activities when it is safe to do so.

Our exclusive, award-winning model of care means our staff and residents can create bonds you won't find anywhere else.

Our Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coaches

Like all Hamberley Care Homes, Ampthill's Richmond Manor has a devoted Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach. These individuals are personally trained to improve each of our resident's wellbeing, through organising activities and creating a plan that guarantees residents can lead a meaningful and fulfilled lifestyle.

The Personalised Wellbeing Programme, created specifically for the individual resident, is built through understanding each of their likes and dislikes, their life stories, and the pastimes they have always been passionate about.

These bespoke programmes occasionally require alteration over the course of their stay in our Home, and will inevitably adapt to support resident's ever-changing needs.

“The team go above and beyond, and I’m supported far more than I could have ever expected or imagined. I know that I can talk to the Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach about anything, whatever is on my mind. Sometimes you don’t want to bother people, but I always feel able to open up to her.”Hamberley Care Home resident

Richmond's Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach will ensure that each resident is mentally stimulated and embraces any opportunity to socialise or be more physically active.

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The Local Area in Ampthill

The charming town of Ampthill has a wealth of history. Between Bedford and Luton, Ampthill is a wonderfully quiet area that is full of independent retailers and family owned businesses. It has an incredibly strong community feel with all kinds of public groups and clubs for the locals to attend.

With convenient train links only 5 minutes down the road, Ampthill is easily accessible no matter how you choose to get there. 

There are all kinds of local attractions nearby. Woburn Safari Park is only 5 miles away, and Centre Parks is less than 3 miles. You'll find Woburn Abbey Deer Park close by too, one of Europe's largest private conservation parks, which plays host to a diverse and vibrant variety of wildlife.

The town also has many royal links. Ampthill has played host to a weekly market, initially granted by King Henry III all the way back in 1219 - in 2019, they celebrated 800 years.

Henry VIII also famously frequented Bedfordshire to visit his wife, Catherine of Aragon who resided at Ampthill Castle. He would hunt in the surrounding grounds - these grounds went on to become Ampthill Park, where there is now a cross erected in memory of the former royal guests.

The Masquerade is a 1970's picture book written by Kit Williams. The book famously sparked a national treasure hunt, ending in the discovery of a 'golden hare' in Ampthill Park.

The book sold over 2 million copies, where clues in the illustrations would eventually reveal a message, telling the reader to look under Catherine of Aragon's cross. This was an exceptionally hard clue, however, and it took over 3 years before the golden hare was discovered.

At Richmond Manor care home, we have the perfect location, facilities and people to ensure you live your life to it's fullest potential.

Contact us on 01525 308000 or email [email protected] to find out more.


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What training do your staff receive?

All members of our team are given the training and support needed to help them provide the highest standards of care. In addition to the statutory training that all care workers have to complete, we also ensure our staff receive bespoke Hamberley specific training in areas that we feel will help staff to provide an outstanding care experience.


Can resident’s rooms be decorated?

Yes. This is your home and we want it to feel like just that. If you want to make significant alterations then we may ask for a retained fee to return the room back to its original state once vacated.



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