Residential care at Hamberley’s luxurious homes

Live life on your terms with residential care at Hamberley’s luxurious homes across England and Scotland. In our stunning residential homes, we welcome older people - both individuals and couples - who wish to enjoy their lives with all the comforts of home and the right support.

More and more people are choosing residential care homes to beat isolation and simply enjoy life with fewer complications - and live independently in a beautiful residential setting with new friends. We understand how important it is for our residents to have independence and choice in their daily lives and we are committed to providing an environment where residents can enjoy new activities, make friends, stay active, and live life on their terms.

We believe that each one of our care homes should be a warm and nurturing environment, so we go to great lengths to ensure that the atmosphere in our homes is one of trust and comfort. Hamberley’s luxury care homes are unique and stylish interior-designed spaces, with a range of different amenities available at each location. All of our homes are designed to look and feel like a home, with comfortable furnishings and stylish décor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, where our residents feel safe and at ease.

Luxurious Residential Care

Support to live life your own way

Immerse yourself in a lifestyle rich with new experiences, friendships, and hobbies at Hamberley's luxury residential homes, uniquely tailored to support your personal journey. Here, we create an environment that inspires you to live life on your terms, creating a haven where comfort meets independence.

Our dedicated teams, including wellbeing and lifestyle coaches, carers - the Hamberley Homemakers, and qualified nurses, are committed to ensuring that you continue to live the life you've always wanted. Our residential care homes provide you with as much or as little assistance as you desire, ensuring that your needs are met, but your independence is still celebrated.

More and more people are choosing residential care homes and retirement villages to beat isolation and simply enjoy life with fewer complications - luxuriating in beautiful surroundings with new friends.

Every Hamberley home welcomes our resident’s loved ones, family members and four-legged friends for regular visits - whether to enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake in our cafes, a walk in the landscaped grounds, or lunch with loved ones in our dining rooms.

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Personal care and support to suit your needs

We care about making sure you're happy and healthy in your new home and feel at home right from the start- so we focus on the tiny details that make each person unique.

Our homes are meticulously designed to be not just comfortable, but also tailored to meet the specific needs of our residents. Within each luxurious residential home, we provide personal care services such as support with daily tasks like washing, dressing, and administering medication. We realise that everyone is unique, and our skilled Homemakers are always there to provide personalised care based on each resident's specific needs.

We understand that care requirements can change over time. As these needs evolve, we seamlessly provide more support, ensuring a smooth transition for our residents.

Find a care home

Contact us to learn more about your nearest home, or find the right care home by browsing our range of luxurious residential services.

To ensure we can provide the best types of care tailored to your specific needs, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted prior to your stay. This includes a discussion about the applicable fees and complete transparency about the cost associated with our services.

If you're interested in our residential care homes or need more information prior to booking a visit, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is always here to help navigate the process and answer any queries you may have.

Questions about residential care at Hamberley Care Homes

Respite care is a versatile service designed to support a diverse range of individuals and their unique circumstances. At Hamberley it is available to those aged 65 or over who may require temporary support. This could be for a variety of reasons, including recovery from an injury, illness, or operation.

However, the eligibility for respite care extends beyond these scenarios. Essentially, if there is any circumstance where someone might benefit from the support and services offered in a care home, they could be considered eligible for respite care.

This includes those looking for a short-term change of environment, caregivers needing a break, or individuals testing the waters before committing to a long-term residential home setting.  

This is your home and we want it to feel like just that, so you are free to personalise your ensuite bedroom or private suite. 

If you want to make significant alterations then we may ask for a retained fee to return the room back to its original state once vacated. This is something you can discuss with our Regional Community Relations Lead. 

We welcome personalisation of our homes and wherever possible residents are encouraged to bring with them their favourite items of furniture.

All furniture is subject to suitability and risk assessment.

Absolutely, we provide a full laundry service for all our residents. This service covers everything from daily wear to bedding and towels. Our team takes great care in handling and returning laundered items in a timely manner.

Relatives are in regular contact with our Home Managers, nurses, and homemakers and our doors are always open to family members.

At Hamberley Care Homes, we operate an electronic care plan system where all care needs are documented. Your relative may give us consent to allow access to their personal Relatives Portal. This will give up to date information on what care has been given or is due.

Relatives and friends are always welcome to visit their loved ones in our homes.

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