Respite care services at Hamberley

At Hamberley Care Homes, we understand the immense dedication it takes to care for a loved one in the family home or in their own home. We also understand the need for a regular carer to take a much-needed break.

Our respite care service and short breaks are thoughtfully designed to provide temporary care, offering caregivers the flexibility to take a break from caring responsibilities.

Our team of skilled Homemakers (our trained carers), Nurses, and Wellbeing colleagues work hand in hand to provide full support, ensuring the continuity of care and peace of mind for you.

Hamberley's respite care offers older people the opportunity to access specialist nursing care, personal care and all the benefits of the luxury facilities within our homes for a regular break or a one-off stay - your trusted partner for good care and supportive short stay.

Luxury respite breaks

During a short period of care with us, guests are warmly invited to embrace life at our homes. During a period of temporary care, individuals can experience the many benefits of our luxury care homes, including:

  • Accommodation in their own bedroom - spacious and beautiful en-suite rooms
  • Personal care, medication support and other support that will vary depending on their care plan
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Access to the wellbeing & beauty salon, the deluxe cinema, and café to spend time with family and friends
  • Activities, events and special outings taking place in the home
  • Fresh air and relaxation in the landscaped grounds
  • A personalised wellbeing programme
  • Blood pressure, weight and BMI checks

Following a respite stay with Hamberley Care Homes, many individuals choose to make the temporary living arrangement permanent and decide to return for long-term care in the future. Many choose to book in for another short stay later on, allowing for regular carer's breaks.

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Types of respite care available

For those who might need a little extra support following a period of illness or hospital stay, our respite services offer an ideal environment for recovery. These breaks provide the necessary care, attention, and assistance that individuals might need after an illness or operation before returning to their own home.

For those living with or caring for people with dementia, short term care can provide opportunities for the person to access dementia care from specialist care and nursing teams, and enjoy the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities, while allowing time for caregivers to rest.

Whilst respite care is often arranged to cover a planned holiday or event, sometimes, it's not possible to plan ahead when looking to arrange respite care. In case of emergencies, emergency respite care can be arranged at short notice, ensuring that your loved one is well taken care of as soon as possible, even in unexpected situations.

At Hamberley, a respite break usually lasts around four weeks, ensuring short term stays can provide personalised care and support tailored to the individual's needs and requirements. 

Find respite care at Hamberley

Respite care and short breaks at Hamberley Care Homes are more than just a break; they are a unique opportunity for relaxation, recovery, and rejuvenation, ensuring that both you and your loved ones experience the very best care.

If you're interested in arranging respite care or you need more information prior to booking a visit, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you need to arrange emergency care, please get in touch as soon as possible. We welcome loved ones and family members to meet our community teams and explore the facilities, so you can feel comfortable about the new surroundings and location.

To ensure we can provide respite care tailored to your specific needs, an assessment will be conducted prior to your stay. Many families have questions about respite care costs, so we will discuss our respite care fees with complete transparency about the costs associated with our services.

Our dedicated team is always here to help navigate the process and answer any queries you may have.

Questions about respite care & short breaks care at Hamberley Care Homes

Yes. Respite care or short breaks with Hamberley give people the opportunity to recover from an illness or operation or enjoy a holiday away from home with full support from our Homemakers, Nurses and Wellbeing colleagues.

During a short break with us, guests benefit from accommodation in our spacious and beautiful en-suite rooms, restaurant-style dining, access to all of the facilities available within our luxury care homes, a personalised wellbeing programme and blood pressure, weight and BMI checks.

At Hamberley, respite care can be for as little as two weeks but can be for as long as you need.

Respite care is a versatile service designed to support a diverse range of individuals and their unique circumstances. At Hamberley it is available to those aged 65 or over who may require temporary support. This could be for a variety of reasons, including recovery from an injury, illness, or operation.

However, the eligibility for respite care extends beyond these scenarios. Essentially, if there is any circumstance where someone might benefit from the support and services offered in a care home, they could be considered eligible for respite care.

This includes those looking for a short-term change of environment, caregivers needing a break, or individuals testing the waters before committing to a long-term residential home setting.  

To arrange a meeting to discuss your care and visit your chosen Hamberley Care Home, contact our Customer Relations Manager by completing an enquiry form, calling us or contacting a home directly. You can also pop in to our homes to pick up a brochure and arrange a meeting at your convenience.

When we receive your initial enquiry via email or phone, we will be in touch within 24 hours to progress your enquiry.

When you speak with our Customer Relations Manager on the phone or in person during a visit, we will discuss your personal circumstances and how we can support you at our homes.

We will talk about the types of care we have available - from residential and nursing care to dementia care, neurological care and short breaks or respite care - and what will best suit your individual needs.

During this conversation, we will also discuss the process of assessment, fees, individual funding arrangements.

When you let us know you would like to move in to a Hamberley home, our Customer Relations Manager will take you through next steps, which include an assessment to understand the level of care required and our ability to meet these needs.

When the above is completed, we will contact you with your final fee structure to review. Following this, we will work with you to complete the financial assessment, and ask you confirm you understand the financial commitments, including at least enough funds for 2 years care. 

We will then move on to create the contract which we will share with you to review.

Once everything is agreed, we will discuss a timeline for welcoming you into your new home and arrange to sign contracts.

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