Nursing care

Specialist nursing care in an environment of unrivalled luxury

When you choose residential nursing care at Hamberley Care Homes, you choose peace of mind, safe in the knowledge our skilled nurses have more time to care.

Hamberley nurses develop close relationships with our residents, taking time to understand the needs of the people they care for to provide the best possible nursing care, 24/7.

Residential nursing in our luxury homes is proactive and developed around people's unique requirements and varied healthcare needs. From long-term conditions such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, diabetes management and arthritis to care and rehabilitation following a stroke, our nurses have the time and resources to provide our residents with holistic care with kindness at its heart.

Our care planning process is collaborative and respectful. Nursing and care staff work closely with residents and families to agree on an approach that considers people's physical, emotional, and mental health needs.

From medication, nutrition and hydration, bathing, dressing, personal care, and mobility to maintaining hobbies and interests, keeping in touch with friends and family, and enjoying life every day, our personalised care plans, which are updated as people's health needs change, allow residents to stay independent whilst receiving the care they need.

Specialist nursing care in luxurious surroundings

Hamberley nurses are experienced in caring for older people with complex health conditions. Taking a proactive approach to care for each individual reduces the risk of complications that may come with ageing, such as frailty and fall risk and failing eyesight and hearing.

Our nurses include those who specialise in a range of long-term complex care conditions, including dementia, rehabilitation following a stroke or neurological injury, and physical disabilities. At some of our homes, we provide specialist neurocare and neurorehabilitation for individuals following brain and spinal injuries.

Every Hamberley Care Home can support people with various nursing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hamberley's nurses are part of a larger multi-disciplinary team of caring professionals, including our Homemakers and Wellbeing coaches. Our compassionate teams liaise directly with GPs, doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians and other healthcare professionals, ensuring a joined-up approach that keeps residents happy and well.

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What kind of care is provided at Hamberley Care Homes?

We provide a range of care home services including 24/7 Nursing Care, Personal Care (also known as Residential Care) and Dementia Care, as well as Short Breaks/Respite Care. Our homes all provide one or more of these types of care. 

You can find out specifically what type(s) of care our homes provide on the individual home pages.

Do you provide care for people with dementia?

Yes. At Hamberley Care Homes, our number one priority for residents living with dementia is to welcome, support and embrace their ever-changing needs.

Dementia can be extremely challenging, as well as unique to every person living with it. There will always be times where the symptoms of dementia can feel overwhelming and terrifying – thankfully, our Homemakers are trained to combat this, and having built up a credible and significant relationship with residents, they will be best suited to handle any situation.

We regularly organise activities and events with people from the local community, which means our residents can remain an important part of the world outside of their home. There are many clubs and workshops available for people living with dementia – for example, our Dementia-Friendly Cinema Club.

Our nurses include those who specialise in dementia and our homes include quiet, peaceful rooms around our care homes, built for relaxation. These areas are guaranteed to obtain minimal unwelcome stimuli so residents living with dementia can remain safe and undisturbed during their tranquil moments.

Do you provide care for people with neurological conditions?

Yes. Our skilled nursing teams include those who specialise in a range of long-term complex care conditions, including dementia, rehabilitation following a stroke or neurological injury, and physical disabilities. 


A growing number of our luxury care homes benefit from the addition of neurocare and neurorehabilitation suites. Dedicated to long-term care and therapeutic treatments for people living with a range of neurological conditions and symptoms, Hamberley's neurocare and neurorehabilitation suites allow adults with complex needs to receive expert support.  

Do you provide respite care or short breaks?

Yes. Respite care or short breaks with Hamberley give people the opportunity to recover from an illness or operation or enjoy a holiday away from home with full support from our Homemakers, Nurses and Wellbeing colleagues.

During a short break with us, guests benefit from the following:

  • Accommodation in our spacious and beautiful en-suite rooms
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Access to all of the facilities available within our luxury care homes
  • A personalised wellbeing programme
  • Blood pressure, weight and BMI checks

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