Nesbit Residents Join School Kids For Wartime Sing-a-long

A rousing rendition of wartime songs united the residents at Nesbit House with children from a local school.

Year 4 pupils from St Katharine's Primary School in Knockholt visited the Home on Wednesday 20th July for the musical session.

The class had been learning about the Second World War and wanted to perform the songs they'd been taught from the era.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Hannah Jean said residents were delighted as the children's choir sang classic tunes and invited them to join in.

Hannah said: "The children were absolutely brilliant - they were so excited to share what they had learnt about WW2.

"It was moving and nostalgic for the residents to hear these songs from so long ago performed by young singers.

"Everyone knows how vital it is that every generation learns about the sacrifices people made back then and what life was like."

After the morning's musical session, the residents had another surprise.

Teacher Tina – who led the St Katharine's choir – arrived with cards the children had made to say 'thank you' for the visit.

Hannah added: "It was so touching that the children wanted to express their gratitude.

"They don't know how much it means to the residents to have them with us and to hear them sing wartime songs so beautifully.

"No thanks were necessary as it was our pleasure to host them, but the cards were a lovely surprise that everybody here loved."