Bonfire Art Event Goes Off With A Bang

Sparks of creativity were flying at Upton Manor Care Home recently when residents participated in a bonfire night-themed art session.

Using mixed materials including coloured pipe cleaners, pom poms as well as a bright array of paint, residents created their very own firework displays.

Tina Betteridge Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach said: “Arts and crafts are always a popular activity here at Upton Manor.

“We do like to theme the sessions and of course with bonfire night and everyone talking about fireworks, what a perfect opportunity to let all our creative skills run wild!

“Some residents talked about ‘penny for the guy’ when they literally would make their own Guy and wheel it around town in a pram or old pushchair. They asked for a penny and then they would go and buy sweets!”

Assistant coach Tracey Wallis said: “Everyone enjoys these sessions, and it gets us all talking and sharing stories.

“This event had us all sharing memories around past bonfire nights.”

Resident Sheila Whicher, aged 82, is pictured and chose to do a colouring of a rocket.

As well as fireworks, some residents got involved with carving pumpkins for Halloween and pictured are residents enjoying the carving session.