July 2023

Nesbit House Inspired To 'Brave The Shave' By Young Cancer Patient


Kate started a course of chemotherapy and subsequently her beautiful red hair began to fall out.

Her step-dad, Will, Clinical Lead at Nesbit House, wanted to support her throughout her ordeal and after reading about Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Brave The Shave’ initiative, he spoke to Home Manager Charles Knowles about his fundraising idea.

Following this other team members from Nesbit House, in Badgers Mount have been inspired to shave their heads to show their solidarity to Will and Kate.

In total five members of Nesbit staff will be “Braving the Shave”.

Will said: “The support I’ve received from everyone here has been fantastic – it’s really kept my whole family and me going.

“Macmillan’s ‘Brave The Shave’ looked like a great way to raise money and awareness. Now five of us are going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Kate by shaving all our hair off.”

On Friday 20th November, Nurse Will and Home Manager Charles will be joined by Maintainance Officer Cy, Nurse Teri and Kitchen Assistant Andy for the shave.

It’ll also be a chance for them to celebrate the fantastic news that Kate’s cancer treatment has been successful, and she’s now in remission.

Will said: “I was at work when I heard the news! Kate called me up and told me – I couldn’t believe my ears.

“After I’d calmed down, Kate said to me, ‘I feel like I’ve won the lottery.’ I said to her, ‘It’s better than that – you’ve got your life back.’”

To donate to Macmillan Cancer Support and support the team in Braving The Shave, click here:

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