Celebrating the contribution of our nurses this International Nurses Day

To mark International Nurses Day we’re celebrating the contributions our wonderful nurses make here at Hamberley Care Homes.

This is Ciara, Clinical Lead at Chawley Grove, our new luxury care home in Oxfordshire. Ciara qualified as a nurse in 2015 and went into nursing within the community, working as a District Nurse. After 4 years' service for the NHS, Ciara joined the team at Chawley Grove to continue her passion for nursing within a community setting.

Ciara says "I decided to make the move to Hamberley as for me, there is no better place to allow me to provide the type of nursing I truly love - holistic, person centred care. Nursing within a care home setting, I find, is generally very misunderstood, and tends to fall into a myth of being for nurses 'nearing retirement' or seen as being for a 'quieter life' - nursing within a care home setting is anything but!

Care home nurses have to be well-rounded, skilled, knowledgeable and effective with the ability to make complex decisions autonomously. The multiple co-morbidities we care for with our residents means nurses need experience of multiple condition management, strong clinical decision-making skills and confidence within their practice. An understanding of accountability and governance is also paramount to underpin our practice in this field. 

At Hamberley Care Homes every opportunity is given to keep clinical skills up to date and staff are actively encouraged and supported with any learning needs they may have. Hamberley's approach to care is very innovative, and they aren't afraid to do things differently; the combination of their unique model of care, the Homemaker role, and use of leading edge technology such as electronic care plans and handheld devices allow us to provide outstanding care, and create genuine home-like communities where residents enjoy an enriching and nurturing lifestyle, making new friendships and memories.

I would really encourage my nursing colleagues to consider nursing for Hamberley Care Homes as a potential new and exciting career choice; I can safely say its the best career decision I ever made. For the first time in a long time I feel truly appreciated within my role and now have the opportunity to provide care every day which is of the highest standard, supported by some of the most dedicated care staff I've ever met!"

If you share Ciara's passion for nursing and would like to join the Chawley Grove nursing team then we want to hear from you! 

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