Glorious Good Friday In The Sunshine At Montague

The arrival of Easter sunshine inspired the team at Montague House to throw an impromptu garden gathering.

When the sun came out on Good Friday, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Gabrielle Butler hit upon the idea of getting outdoors to enjoy it.

She wanted to kick off the bank holiday weekend with a group gathering in the gardens.

So, with the help of the Chef and the team, the party planners got busy.

Gabrielle said: “It was the perfect weather for a lovely garden party.

“I asked Chef if we could prepare some big pitchers of mocktails – our signature apple and ginger drink – and ice cream for the full sunny experience.

“We headed outside for a lovely sociable soiree, which was great for our newer residents.

“They had been nervous about settling in, so getting the chance to chat, make new friends and socialise in the sun was the perfect solution.”

The fun didn’t end on Good Friday, as Easter celebrations took place across the weekend.

All residents got an Easter egg and card from the team, and one of the traditional church servicess was live-streamed on Sunday.

A traditional roast lamb Easter dinner was served for the main course to the delight of the diners.

Gabrielle added: “The residents had enjoyed an activity session making chocolate cornflake nests, so they had those to eat.

“We couldn’t miss out on hot cross buns either, so there was plenty to enjoy.

“It was a lovely weekend of fun, and we’re looking forward to getting out in our beautiful garden a lot in the summer if the weather allows it.”