April 2024

Storytelling Magic Has Kids In Fits Of Giggles At Upton Manor


Classic stories came alive at Upton Manor when nursery schoolchildren stopped by to hear some of their favourite tales.

The children from Ladybirds Nursery couldn’t wait to join forces with residents at Upton Manor to perform their very own puppet show, narrated by the adults.

They even brought their favourite books along for the intergenerational event.

Great-grandmother and resident Pamela Lester, aged 86, led the session with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Thanks to her years of story-telling experience Pamela took no time captivating the young audience.

stories at upton manor

Pamela said:

“Goldilocks is an all-time favourite; every child likes the idea of being Goldilocks who gets to try all these things and then gets into trouble.

“I love having the children visit. Hearing the stories they chose to bring over for us to read brought back such wonderful memories of reading to my own children, grandchildren and even my great grandchildren!”

Wellbeing Coach Amy Morrison said:

“The home was full of giggling, chatter and huge smiles from all of us.

“It was a wonderful way of bringing the generations together and proves that no matter how old we grow, we all love a good story.”

story time for all

The children also performed their own songs and enjoyed having their pictures taken in the home's monkey photobooth board.

Resident David King, aged 86, added: 

“I enjoyed seeing the children have fun and hearing their stories, especially The Gingerbread Man. It was lovely to watch them having fun and enjoying the popcorn.”