May 2024

Impressive Spitfire Flypast Thrills Residents At Cambridge Grove


An exciting Spitfire flypast gave residents at Cambridge Grove Care Home a huge thrill when the three aircraft flew over their home.

Resident Brenda Cleevely gave the display an extra big cheer – knowing that her son and grandsons were on board the iconic planes. 

Brenda’s son David, is a huge plane enthusiast and has always wanted to fly a spitfire – and this special flight over his mum’s home was his second flight!

He was flying alongside his sons Adam and Matthew who were on board the other two planes alongside professional pilots.

Brenda said:

“It was scary to think he and the boys were in charge of such big engines, but he has always loved planes, even as a child.”

David has around 20 hours of flying experience and hopes to have a full pilot’s licence. This journey saw the trio, alongside more experienced pilots, take off from Duxford and fly to Dover, over the White Cliffs, before returning to Duxford, via Cambridge Grove.

Fellow resident Maurice Key, aged 92, said:

“This is amazing and such an honour that they’ve done this for us.”

Cambridge Grove Wellbeing Coach Amy Milburn said:

“It was an absolute delight to see the Spitfires fly overhead.

“All of the residents and staff were able to enjoy the moment. Making memories like these are such a valuable part of my job.”

The Spitfire is the most famous plane of World War Two and there are thought to be around 240 in existence today.