June 2024

Tortoise Charlie Makes Star Appearance For World Turtle Day


Charlie the tortoise was a guest of honour when local preschool children celebrated World Turtle Day at Upton Manor Care Home.

The children from Ladybirds Nursery couldn’t wait to see Charlie up close as they focused on their art activities with Upton residents for the intergenerational day of activity.

Resident Heather Wyatt, aged 81, said:

“I loved helping the little ones with their turtle pictures, it brought back such lovely memories of sitting around the dining table with my own children doing arts and crafts."

upton turtle

Wellbeing Coach Amy Morrison added:

“We thoroughly enjoyed creating wonderful pictures of turtles together using paints, pens, tissue paper and buttons.

“Ladybirds are regular visitors and remembered Charlie the tortoise, so of course he had to make an appearance for them!

“Although he is not a turtle he did make for a fantastic visual and our resident Coralie Bidwell especially loved showing him off and explaining to the children how turtles have flippers that they use to push themselves across the sand, the children were engrossed.”


drawing turtles


The intergenerational afternoon was hailed a success and was finished off perfectly by the children performing their medley of sea-themed songs.

World Turtle Day first began in 2000 to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their habitats.

Lucky Charlie is a permanent resident at Upton Manor where he enjoys his luxury surroundings and gets spoilt by residents, staff and visitors!