It’s always good to talk and at Elstow Manor Care Home the positive health benefits are being celebrated.

Residents and staff have been enjoying talking romance, which at any age helps lower stress levels and can even aid better healing after surgery as well as warding off depression.

Elstow Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach, Oliver Waddington said: “At whatever age we are, we value those close to us and enjoy making new friendships.

“We have just marked Valentine’s Day but building strong and positive relationships is important all year round.”

Residents have been discussing what makes a loving relationship.

Ninety-year-old Linda said: “The key for a happy relationship is to enjoy the times you have together and do everything with each other.”

Joy, aged 87, added: “A lovely smile to welcome you, gentle words and a shoulder to cry on when upset. Always provide hugs of encouragement.”

Edith, aged 98, puts it all down to “give and take" and "always talking.”

For Graham, aged 71, laughter is part of the magic. He said: “It’s always nice to chat especially when apart, as well as having plenty of laughter.”

Derek, aged 93, said: “Give and take. Don’t expect too much and don’t give too much.”

And John, aged 86, summed it all up when he said: “Love and Appreciate all year round.”