Consider a career in care during National Careers Week 2023

National Careers Week is an annual event that aims to promote career education and provide information to young people about different career paths and opportunities.

During National Careers Week, from 6 March 2023, Hamberley Care Homes is helping young people make informed decisions about their future and highlight some of the career pathways our luxury elderly care homes provide, from care and nursing to management and hospitality roles.

What kind of careers do people enjoy in elderly care homes? 

Hamberley is proud to employ people across the UK in our 19 luxury care homes.

From Glasgow to Plymouth, our team of dedicated colleagues creates a homely and relaxing environment for older people looking for the best care. People who are compassionate, kind, and patient are always welcome to work in our award-winning homes. Below, you can find an overview of the kinds of jobs available in care. 

Develop a rewarding career at Hamberley Care Homes 

There are many career development opportunities for people working in Hamberley. Through our Care Home Training Roadmap, you will be guided to grow and develop in your career. 

Some carers develop special interests in areas like dementia care and care for people near the end of their lives. We'll help you develop with clinical training so you can share your new skills with co-workers and residents. 

"A career in care gives people a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a significant and positive influence on the lives of older people," says Learning & Development Manager, Jacqueline Turley. "In my role at Hamberley, I see so many fantastic opportunities for professional development through our induction, qualifications and in house training, which provides a wide variety of career paths for people who are enthusiastic about making an impact on the lives of others."

Working as a Care Assistant  

When most people think about jobs in care homes, the first thing that comes to mind is being a carer. The people who help with care at Hamberley are called "Homemakers." There is never a dull moment in the day of a Homemaker at Hamberley. As a care assistant, you'll be part of a friendly team that works hard to make every day special for our residents and helps them live their lives the way they want. From hospitality to customer service, you will also be in charge of delivering high quality care for people in the way that works best for them. 

Above all, care assistants are friends or companion. Homemakers get to know people by spending quality time with them. That could mean doing something they like with each other, like baking, taking a walk, or watching their favourite TV show, or it could just mean sitting with them and having a conversation. 

How much do care home workers get paid in the UK?

Care assistants are generally paid according to the skills and experience they have, with increased rates for more complex roles such as a senior care assistant.

Care assistants in the UK can expect to earn a competitive salary between £8 and £14 per hour, depending on their qualifications, experience and the specific job role. At Hamberley, our care assistants receive £10.50 to £14 per hour, depending on seniority and location. In addition, you will receive additional benefits such as overtime pay, holiday pay and pension contributions.

What qualifications are needed to be a care assistant?

To become a care assistant, you will need to have the right combination of qualifications and personal qualities. It is important to have a minimum of a Level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care, or equivalent. At Hamberley, we will support you with all the training you need, including NVQ Level 3 in Adult Health and Social Care.

What qualities do you need to be a good care assistant?

To be successful as a care assistant, you need to have excellent communication skills, patience, and empathy. You must also be able to work as part of a team and demonstrate good problem-solving skills when dealing with difficult situations. It is important to be reliable and have the flexibility to work 12 hour shift patterns.

Working in Administration & Care Home Management  

Hamberley’s home administrators, receptionists, and care home managers have a key role to play in our quality care homes.

A great career opportunity for a warm and sociable person, our receptionists are the first people our visitors, residents, and colleagues meet, so they provide a warm welcome in person and on the phone. As a home administrator, you will manage a range of support tasks to the home, provide excellent customer service, and ensure everything is well organised. 

 Registered Care Home Managers

Care Home Managers ensure that older people receive quality care while meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements. This leadership role is key to supporting the care team, quality, finances, and all the home’s facilities. A registered care home manager should also care deeply about elderly people and be compassionate, empathetic, and patient. Many Hamberley care home managers are a Registered Nurse, but this role can be performed by non-clinical professionals with care experience.   

What qualifications are needed to be a Registered Manager?

The qualifications needed to be a Registered Manager in a UK care home vary depending on the specific role and the size of the care home. Generally, however, any prospective manager should have at least a Level 3 or equivalent in health and social care as well as significant experience working in a residential setting. At Hamberley, we will support you to gain NVQ Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care in Adult Residential Management.

Working as Registered Nurse in a care home

Career opportunities for nurses don't just include working in a hospital. Our nurses provide our residents with the best possible care. They are essential in making sure that the older people in our homes get the care and assistance they need to live healthy and happy lives. 

Why do nurses choose to work in care homes?

Nursing in a home for older people is very different from working as a nurse in a hospital or in the community. As a nurse at Hamberley, you and your team will have more time to care, giving you the opportunity to develop close relationships with our residents and really understand the needs of each person. You will also receive a competitive salary and benefits. Our luxury care homes are dedicated to supporting older people who often have complex care needs, such as dementia, so our nurses develop and maintain high levels of clinical skills.  

What qualifications are needed to be a Registered Nurse in a UK care home?

To become a Registered Nurse in a residential care home, individuals must have at least Level 3 or equivalent in Health and Social Care, or demonstrate relevant professional experience. They must also hold a valid Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) pin number. The NMC provides guidance on the standards of practice that all nurses must adhere to, and they are responsible for regulating the profession. Additionally, nurses should have a good knowledge of the Care Quality Commission's standards, which all care homes in the UK must meet. They should also be up to date with all relevant legislation and policies.


Working in Hospitality 

Considering a career in catering? There are many career opportunities in care.

As a Chef or Kitchen Assistant you will play a very important role in our care homes, responsible for planning, preparing, and cooking meals for the residents. They work closely with the rest of the care team to make new menus every week based on what our residents like, what they need, and what they want. Good food and nutrition can help people stay older people stay healthy as they age, so as a Chef or Kitchen Assistant you will be in charge of meal preparation, as well as baking birthday cakes and cooking meals for special occasions, while keeping food safety and hygiene standards high.   

At Hamberley, we also understand that enjoying home-cooked food is very important to mental health. Our hospitality teams get to know residents very well, so they can make every mealtime an enjoyable experience for all our residents. 

Working in Housekeeping

Housekeeping teams, which include jobs as a domestic assistant, laundry assistant and housekeeper at Hamberley's residential care homes ensure our residents have a clean, safe, and comfortable place to live. They do many important jobs that help keep our homes in good shape, from cleaning  rooms and common areas, changing the beds, and doing the residents' laundry.  

What is different about working in Housekeeping in a care home?

As a member of the Hamberley team, you will also get to know the older people in our care well and work closely with colleagues to give the best care possible to the people who live with us. There are many career opportunities in housekeeping, carrying out important work to keep our luxury homes clean and comfortable, which is so important for the health, well-being, and quality of life of our residents. 

Next steps

Visit our Work With Us website to learn more about the opportunities available at Hamberley Care Homes, as well as the perks and benefits you may expect if you join the team.  

We offer comprehensive training and induction, so we're more interested in you as a person than in your particular care experience. What matters is that you have a strong motivation to help our residents live their lives to the fullest, in whatever role you decide is right for you.  

Could Hamberley be the perfect place for your career?

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