June 2024

Evening Chimes With Joy For Milngavie Manor Residents


Milngavie Manor residents were in perfect harmony when they joined Jordanhill Community Choir and Jordanhill Handbell Ringers for an impressive community event.

The group was stunned by how perfectly the local bell ringers kept in tone and coordinated all the amazing sounds to create joyful music during the Spring Concert at Jordanhill Parish Church in nearby Woodend Drive.

Resident Stuart said:

“We had a perfect evening. The ringers had to concentrate so hard to ensure each note coordinated with the next bell. It was incredible to watch and delightful to listen to.”

The programme included alternative pieces from both the community choir and the handbell ringers, and included traditional folk, traditional and contemporary music.

Jordanhill Parish Church Handbell Ringers were formed in 1990. Members meet weekly for rehearsal and perform concerts regularly.

Milngavie Manor Wellbeing Coach Morag Scott said:

“It was a very uplifting concert; the handbells were fascinating to watch, and the sounds were just like the bells ringing on a Sunday!

“Together, the bells sounded very pleasant, and the choir performed beautifully also. We all have a wonderful evening and cannot wait to see them all perform again.”