March 2024

Learning About Dementia At Caddington Grove


Caring Caddington Grove staff joined families and professionals for a special session aimed at improving their knowledge and understanding of dementia.

The day, which was also open to members of the community, included dementia professionals from the NHS Bedfordshire Dementia Intensive Support team who were invited by the Caddington team to join.

The event was run by Training2Care Ltd.

dementia bus

Regional Community Relations Lead Val Foley said:

“Having lost my own mum to dementia I wanted to understand the feeling she may have experienced with not only the memory loss and confusion but also the difficulty in the simplest task. I will be approaching those with dementia with my insight and understanding moving forward.”

Attendee Amanda Cartwright said “The training was very helpful to better understand what people with dementia may experience physically. There were lots of useful suggestions and helpful ways to support relatives better."

Another person attending the event was Denise Johnson. She said the session would help her with her approach to her father. She said:

“It was very enlightening and opened my eyes to why those diagnosed with dementia sometimes do the things they do. It helped me understand that my approach will be different now when I am around my father “

Those who attended the session were presented with a certificate for completing the Virtual Dementia Tour, which aimed to improve understanding of dementia, which is best described as the loss of cognitive functioning that disturbs people’s daily lives.

The event not only improved learning and understand of dementia, but it was another example of how Caddington works alongside the community tackling important issues.

Bedfordshire Dementia Intensive Support Team operates all year round. It provides specialist support to those living with dementia as well as to family members and carers and professionals looking after the person with the condition.