March 2024

Sweet Smiles And Sombreros At Alston House Spanish Day


Thrilled nursery children were on cloud nine when they visited Alston House to check in for a pretend holiday to Spain.

Residents also let their imaginations run wild for Spanish Day, which involved turning the home into an airport departures terminal for the children at neighbouring Crescent Pre-School. Resident Alison said: 

“I enjoyed spending time with the children. The look on their little faces when they saw us waiting for them with the Passport control signs was so adorable. They were so happy.”

The special day was to help the children learn about different types of transport and travel. The imaginary trip to Spain involved children and residents making amazing sombreros using colourful cut-out shapes.

checking in at alston house

This saw Alston House setting up a make-believe airport passport control system – with residents even stamping the children’s passports – read for their imaginary flight to Spain!

Alston resident Stella said:

“This was such a fun morning. It took me back to when my children were small, and we used to play games. Children have an amazing imagination.”

Residents Maz, Alison and Phyllis checked the children’s passports and stamped them as they entered the reception area. The children then proceeded to the bistro, where resident Stella gave them their airplane tickets, addressing them with Sir and Madam.

Wellbeing Coach Lidia Nikolova Gjorgjieva, who played flight pilot, said:

“Our hearts grew twice in size listening to the children’s giggles. The children made their sombreros, and we all sang songs together. It was an amazing intergenerational activity where we all had so much fun!”

making sombreros