April 2024

Magical Unicorns Capture The Imagination At Newton House


Newton House residents hosted mythical celebrations this spring when they decided to mark National Unicorn Day.

The home decided to mark National Unicorn Day by creating unicorn art and playing specially-themed unicorn games.

The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and has fascinated people for generations.

Resident Sheila said:

“I had a lot of fun celebrating the day, and the cakes were lovely. The games were fun as well. It’s always healthy to laugh together.”


unicorn day

On the day, residents and staff made special decorations in an event that included unicorn-themed games like unicorn hoopla and unicorn operation.

The day ended with a delightful sing-along, which, of course, would not be complete without delicious homemade shortbread, rainbow cakes, tea, and coffee.

Wellbeing Coach Kerry-Anne said:

“So much of our culture, history and art has been influenced by the unicorn, and we’re very proud to have it as an important national symbol.

“Here at Newton House, we certainly let our imaginations run wild and had great fun celebrating Unicorn Day.

“It may be difficult to see real unicorns around, but we can see the influence of unicorns all around Scotland in our buildings and historic sites.

“And now there are a few more unicorns here at Newton House!”

playing at newton house