February 2023

Goper and his cuddly friends bring joy to Caddington Grove residents


The friendly animals from Ark Farm couldn’t wait to be stroked and loved by the animal loving residents.

But it was Goper, the Labrador, who stole the show!

Alex Mclauchlan, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach said: “Goper seemed to be well trained and was very good around the residents, very gentle and lots of fun, but funnily gave some homemakers a little fright when approaching.

“He made everyone laugh with his adorable kisses and we all loved having him and his friends at Caddington.”

Goper’s friends included rabbits, guinea pigs, a hedgehog, an owl, and even a tortoise.

Alex said that the Homemaker team had done a superb job on the day by touring the home with the cute animals and making sure everyone had a chance to meet them.

Ark Farm specialises in bringing a variety of animals into schools, nurseries and care homes, bringing a hands-on activity to people of all ages.

Alex added: “The residents loved getting to hold and look after the animals and it was emotional seeing them for some, as for many it brought back memories of pets they have had in the past.”

The Bedfordshire farm is a small family-run smallholding, and it reaches out to people in Hertfordshire, London, East Midlands, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and other areas.