July 2023

Big-hearted Opera Singer Yuri Serenades Esther


Yuri, known as The Italian Tenor, had already sung for an hour and 20 minutes to thrilled residents in the lounge before visiting Esther.

Due to being poorly recently, music lover Esther couldn’t make it to the lounge, but Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Megan Wilson didn’t want her to miss out.

She asked Yuri if he’d go to Esther’s room to say hello, and the big-hearted tenor was more than happy to oblige.

Megan said: “Yuri is a fantastic performer and an incredibly warm person.

“When he got to Esther’s room, he asked what her favourite music was, took her hand and sang beautifully.

“Although he’s an opera singer, he performed a beautiful version of Moon River that had us all in tears.”

The emotional moment gave Esther and her family an unforgettable experience that touched their hearts.

According to Megan, Yuri was equally moved by their meeting.

Megan said: “I profusely thanked Yuri for being so kind because I know what that meant to Esther and her daughters.

“He said to me, ‘It was my pleasure, Megan. I’m going to hold that memory forever.’

“It makes me so happy that together we were able to give Esther such a special moment.”