Poppy Brings Joy To Elstow Residents

Residents at Elstow Manor spent the summer becoming firm friends with their favourite regular visitor – an adorable chihuahua called Poppy.

Poppy is part of the Pets As Therapy programme and comes every week to spend quality time with her new pals.

As a trained therapy pet, Poppy knows how to change her behaviour according to the needs of each resident.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Oliver says that Poppy has the knack of knowing how to interact with people.

Oliver said: “Poppy is a joyful presence at Elstow and has already got a legion of fans!

“The residents are so happy to see her every week, and many of them ask after her when she’s not around.

“Sometimes, Poppy will be full of energy with residents who enjoy playful moments with her.

“But she knows when there are residents who’d prefer her to sit on their laps peacefully and have her head stroked.

“We take her to each resident individually, so they all get to build a bond with her.”

Poppy isn’t the only animal visitor the Residents have had this year.

Oliver also arranged for petting zoo Teaching Talons to come along for a session.

While he admits that some residents were initially nervous about interacting with the owls, iguanas, rats and rabbits, he says they soon got involved.

Oliver said: “I always go first so they can see it’s safe to handle the animals.

“Once they break down their barriers, the residents are excited to learn more about each species.

“Teaching Talons will be coming to see us regularly, and we’re already looking forward to their next visit.”