Colourful belly dancing fun comes to Abbots Wood Manor

A rapturous welcome was given to The Sea Gypsies Belly Dance group when they visited residents and staff at Abbots Wood Manor.

The talented group of local Sussex women brought their amazing costumes, thrilling music and exotic moves to the home for an afternoon of entertainment.

Abbots Wood Manor Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach, Kay said:

“It was a wonderful afternoon and brought back some lovely memories of travel for some residents.

“The group is incredible, and we were all fascinated by the dance, which promotes health and wellbeing.”

Belly dancing is a dance form that originated centuries ago, and it involves isolating the muscles for moves such as twisting the abdomen and hip movements.

Performed primarily by women, belly dancing is a low-impact exercise that can help people lose weight, tone muscles, improve their posture, and relax.

It brought back fond memories for Abbots Wood Manor resident Sandra who travelled to Tunisia seven years ago, where she saw traditional belly dancing performed.

And one resident, Betty even suggested that Abbots Wood Manor residents set up their own belly dancing group and even make their own costumes.

Betty is certainly onto a good idea because in general, belly dancing is known to promote balance, strength, digestion, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive dance form.

And most of all, those who do it, say it is empowering and fun.

Kay added: “We were delighted to watch the group and to say thank you, we handed the ladies a pouch of lavender each. The residents harvest the lavender here at Abbots Wood, and it’s a very pretty and meaningful gift.

“We hope we can welcome The Sea Gypsies Belly Dance again here at Abbots Wood Manor.”