July 2023

Piano Pro Patsy Leads Musical Movement Sessions


Resident Patsy James moved her mini grand piano in with her when she arrived and is continuing to teach the classes she loves.

Both residents and team members at Charrington have been participating in the fascinating sessions where Patsy takes them through different techniques.

According to Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Claudia Modiga, Patsy is doing a sterling job.

Claudia said: “It’s incredible to have one of the most respected Dalcroze Eurythmics teachers to teach us all.

“Patsy is an amazing woman with a terrific sense of humour, but she rules her classes with a rod of iron!

“Her method helps people understand how to engage the body, heart and mind with music.

“She’s taught for over 45 years and spent ten years at the Mission School in South Carolina, USA.

“Patsy has instructed many people over the years – including the children of legendary preacher Billy Graham!”

Her love for music was cultivated at an early age as Patsy’s mum was a music teacher.

The classes at Charrington are helping her fellow residents to keep active, hone their skills and improve their wellbeing.

Claudia said: “It’s terrific to see residents getting so much from Patsy’s classes – they are a fantastic combination of music, movement and fun.

“There is always a lot of joy and laughter involved – which makes everyone feel good.”

When Patsy isn’t teaching or playing the piano, she enjoys spending time with her cat Bella and walking as much as possible.

Claudia added: “Patsy is a force of nature, and it’s hard to keep up with her!

“She’s a wonderful example of how to live your life to the full.”