Caddington Grove Marvels At Magical Show

A talented ventriloquist thrilled residents at Caddington Grove when he stopped by with the King of Rock and Roll.

Ingenious David Tomkins was delighted to visit the Dunstable home and meet many of the residents alongside his Elvis Presley dummy.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Alex McLaughlan said: “We all enjoyed the afternoon and were certainly fascinated by the skills David used.

“He asked staff members to take part in tricks, one example is he did a card trick and he had to pull out the correct card that was chosen by a staff member. It was so clever as he got it right every time!”

David is an award-winning master magician and works with all ages. He has been a professional performer for more than 25 years and in 2001 he was awarded Member of the (Inner) Magic Circle with Gold Star (London).

Alex added: “Big thanks to David who certainly confused us with his tricks.”