July 2023

The Queen Congratulates Renowned Harpsichord-makers on 70th Wedding Anniversary


Janetta, 94, and Morton, 92, who both live at Newton House Care Home in Newton Mearns, married in 1951 after falling in love thanks to their passion for music.

The musical couple who were celebrating a “wonderful life of togetherness” had been professional musicians, music teachers and Morton was a master craftsman renowned for his handmade harpsichords.

Staff at Newton House put on a special tea party for the Goulds and celebrated with them as they opened cards and presents from their loved ones.

Janetta said: “The best thing about our 70th is being here together, I’m delighted we got a card from the Queen.

“We met when Morton came to our church and asked my father if he could sing in the choir.

“My father replied, ‘My daughter will see to you’ and it was love at first sight - neither of us had ever had a proper relationship before.

“From then on, we did every musical activity we could together. Our first date was a centenary recital for Chopin at St Andrew’s Hall. I had tickets and asked Morton to go with me. On the train home, he said to me, ‘When I’m a big boy, will you marry me?’ - he was 20, and I was 21.”

The Goulds, who have three daughters together, both trained as music teachers, before they established their harpsichord business.

Janetta added: “Music has been with us for all our years together.

“We created the Harpsichord Society in Glasgow and building the instrument turned out to be very lucrative. All institutions in Scotland have a harpsichord made by Morton.

The Goulds moved into Newton House earlier this year so Morton, who is living with dementia, could get extra support. The staff there made a big effort to mark their special day.

Janetta added: “The staff here are lovely, they organised everything for us - including phone calls with our family.

“My advice to couples who want to have a happy, long-lasting marriage is to never go to sleep on an argument, and also to trust each other as well as loving each other.

“That’s been our approach and we’ve had a wonderful life of togetherness.”

Marianne Fernandez-Faichney, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach at Newton House, helped organise their special day.

She said, “It is lovely to spend time with Janetta and Morton. Their talent and experience is really incredible and watching them is truly inspiring. It is nice to see that this kind of true love is not only seen in fairy-tales and it is absolutely real!”

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