Hamberley residents come together virtually from across the UK to take on The Chaser!

Residents from our care homes across the UK were on top form when they were challenged to a quiz hosted by celebrity quizzer Shaun Wallace from the popular TV gameshow, The Chase.

The online quiz provided some lockdown fun as it linked up care home residents around the country as they tried their hand against the professional mastermind!

Residents Barbara and Vera, and Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Sam joined the quiz from Richmond Manor in Ampthill 

Resident Barbara Aggett, 86 of Richmond Manor said "It was very challenging but enjoyable. Shaun Wallace was lovely and very well spoken, it was a pleasure to have taken part in such special quiz." 

Clive Melsom, aged 71 of Nesbit House said "I really enjoyed taking part in the quiz. As an avid fan of The Chase, I watch the show every night - this was a dream come true, especially having the chance to meet Shaun Wallace!"

Residents Alf and Clive with Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Maria from Nesbit House in Sevenoaks

Barbara and Clive linked up with 18 other residents from across our care homes in an attempt to outsmart Shaun.

Shaun, also known as The Dark Destroyer said "I was delighted to join so many wonderful people from various parts of the country for this brilliant quiz. Lockdown has been an enormous challenge for everyone, and I know it has been tough for many people who may not have seen their family and friends as much as they would like to. But these kind of virtual group activities prove to us that we can still have fun, smile and laugh together. They help us stay connected, stay mentally stimulated, stay social and prove we haven't lost our sense of humour!"

Resident Christine at Chawley Grove in Oxford with Megan, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach and event host

The event was hosted by Megan Wilson, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach of Chawley Grove who did a superb job of playing host, a role normally held by television presenter Bradley Walsh on the ITV show, and she certainly impressed our Oxfordshire residents who had nothing but praise for her - resident Christine White, 73 fondly commented "You did really well kid, you should be proud!"

Fiona Smith, Home Manager of Richmond Manor in Ampthill said "We all love watching The Chase and as we're always looking for new ways to entertain residents when the opportunity came up and Shaun kindly said he would challenge residents to a quiz, everyone was really up for it. We are so grateful to Shaun for his good humour and time, what a thrilling way to spend an afternoon." 

Residents Donald and Jackie with Arfeena, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach at Caddington Grove in Dunstable

Our residents did a superb job, but the professional quizzer certainly kept our residents on their toes! Here are just some of the questions Shaun outwitted our residents on - see below for answers!

  1. Quebec is the largest Canadian province or territory - true or false?
  2. In a medieval suit of armour, the 'vambrace' was a piece that protected the arm - true or false?
  3. The common name for the tree with the latin or botanical name Fraxinus Excelsior is the ash tree - true or false?
  4. Scotland were the winners of the Rugby Union's Five Nations Championship in 1999 - true or false?
  5. The comedian, actor and director Charlie Chaplin once finished runner up in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition - true or false?

Penny, resident at Verwood House in East Dorset with Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia

Quiz answers below, how did you do?

  1. False - its Nunavut
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False - he came third, not second

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