June 2024

Carnival Capers Bring Residents Together At Newton House


Everyone was in good spirits at Newton House Care Home when they put on their very own carnival and invited family and friends to join the fun.

The residents and staff decided to host the event to bring some summer festivities to the home, and despite the unpredictable British weather, some events could even go ahead in the lovely gardens.

Games included darts, sandbag throwing, and ring toss, which set off a healthy competitive spirit among residents and guests.

They were joined by Stevo the magician, from Scotbase Entertainments who impressed everyone with his fantastic magical performance.

newton house clown


Well-being and Lifestyle Coach Kerry-Anne McDade:

“The carnival means so much to so many people and certainly has many different memories associated with it. For some, it’s about being outdoors and watching performers, for others it’s more about arcades and games.

“However, whatever it means, it certainly brought a lot of laughter to the home as well as a healthy dose of competition.”


Staff at Newton transformed their café and reception area into the carnival setting, setting up a whole range of games, as well as having an amazing candy floss and popcorn machine producing lots of amazing treats.

Kerry-Anne added:

“Everyone had so much fun that this might become an annual event with an even bigger production next year!”

carnival games