January 2023

Sweet sounds of Moon River bring back memories for Upton’s Bill


Rebecca spent the afternoon singing to residents and taking requests. And because Rebecca knows the residents so well, she also came well prepared with a playlist made up of their favourite tunes.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Amy Morrison said the session brought back so many happy memories and got everyone singing along too.

She said: “Music is known to improve moods and promote mental and physical health and Rebecca is so talented and a joy to listen to.

“Everyone was singing along and absolutely loved being a part of a very nostalgic afternoon.”

Rebecca even did a duet with a couple of residents.

Bill Kellaway sang Moon River, which was his and his late wife’s song, evoking lots of wonderful memories and Phil Joy got the crowd tapping their feet and singing along to Downtown.

However, it didn’t stop there for the creative Upton residents.

After the singing residents joined a freestyling art session and adorable Lily the therapy dog joined the fun.

Amy added: “The variety of art was lovely, from still life drawings, blotted paint flowers, finger painting and Bill Kellaway even drew a picture of his family home from memory!”

As well as promoting a happier outlook on life, music and the arts in general can also promote better social interaction and all art activity can reduce feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety in all age groups."