Warm Welcomes Galore From Upton Card Makers

Every new resident who moves into Upton Manor will receive a welcome card designed with love by their new community.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Tina Betteridge has been running arts and crafts sessions to create the friendly missives.

The residents were able to choose from a plethora of card making adornments as they handcrafted their designs.

They hope the messages will help new residents feel immediately at home.

Tina said: “Our community here is warm and friendly, so we always leave a ‘welcome’ card in the room of each new resident.

“One of our Homemakers was able to donate card-making equipment that used to belong to her grandmother for us to use.

“We have lots of lovely crafty bits to bring each design to life.

“But the most important thing is these welcome cards were made by our residents’ own fair hands.”

During the card-making session, Tina said that the group enjoyed listening to their favourite music.

While Tom Jones, Matt Munro and Engelbert Humperdinck played on the stereo, residents discussed what it’s like to move into Upton Manor.

Tina said: “It can be a nerve-wracking time for new residents and their loved ones.

“But a simple gesture like our welcome cards can put people at ease straight away.

“It’s lovely to hear the residents being so empathetic and kind.

“We now have 12 new welcome cards to hand out, and I know they’ll be gratefully received.”