July 2023

Verwood’s Magic Table Is A Hit With Residents!


Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia took delivery of a Magic Table for the home this month and wasted no time in putting it to use.

The Magic Table is the brainchild of health tech pioneers OMI and is loaded with a range of multi-sensory games to engage the brain.

Residents have had a great time trying out the tech – which can be projected onto any flat surface – and playing some games.

Emilia said: “I’ve been so excited for our Magic Table to arrive because I know how much it’ll benefit the residents.

“You can do many different things, such as musical therapy, painting, quizzes and so many other things.

“There was an incredibly moving moment when one resident, who doesn’t usually engage with activities, started playing and loved it.”

The Magic Table is designed to be inclusive for people living with dementia, and it plays reminiscence games and therapeutic musical activities.

Emilia said that one of the best things about it is that she can take it into different areas of Verwood, including residents’ rooms so that everybody gets a chance to use it.

She added: “It’s great to have that flexibility and to be able to share it with all the residents.

“There are lots of games that they’ll be able to play with their families, including children that come to visit.

“The Magic Table has opened up a world of possibilities for us here, and we’re excited to explore all its features.

“I know we can create life stories on there, loading up pictures and audio to go along with the words.

“We have already started planning to create those so we can bring the Residents’ memories to life!”