Verwood Packs Nutrition and Hydration Week with Flavour!

Delicious food, thirst-quenching drinks and plenty of fun were on the menu at Verwood House during 2022’s Nutrition and Hydration Week.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia Turner created a week of foodie events designed to strike a balance between health and treats.

First up was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party where residents enjoyed a trip to Wonderland for an Alice-themed afternoon tea.

The group had hot beverages and tasty cupcakes as they listened to soothing classical music and reminisced about Lewis Carrol’s famous story.

On Tuesday, the residents headed to the Verwood Bistro to make banana bread as part of a baking session.

They were taught how to mix and bake the fruity loaf, which counts towards their five-a-day.

In the afternoon, the homemade banana bread was served alongside chocolate cake as residents enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

According to Emilia, they had a wonderful time enjoying the tasty snack.

Emilia said: “There’s nothing quite as lovely as warm banana bread that you’ve made yourself.

“The residents love baking and really enjoy getting stuck into making the banana bread.

“We wanted to look at different ways to incorporate fresh fruit into our diets.”

On Wednesday, residents were in charge again during a smoothie making session.

The vitamin-packed drinks are an excellent way to keep hydrated, and they enjoyed picking out their favourite flavours.

Emilia said: “There were plenty of discussions about the best flavours to blend together, although one of our residents chose to stick to strawberries alone.

“She told us just how much she loves the fruit and looks forward to having fresh strawberries when the summer season arrives.

“It was great to get everyone talking about their favourite produce, and we had a tasting later on.

“My colleagues joined the residents in trying out the smoothies, which were delicious.”

Residents rounded off the week at a St Patrick’s Day celebration complete with Guinness and Irish treats.

Then residents settled in to see the masters at work as they enjoyed watching Mary Berry and Nigella’s cooking shows.

Emilia said: “The purpose of the week was to talk about nutrition and hydration and show how to have fun with food.

“Residents had a great time trying out the various activities, and it was lovely to see them enjoying themselves.”