July 2023

Verwood Jean Gets In Work Out Mode!


After discovering the wealth of group and one-to-one activities on the platform, Jean has adopted a daily workout regime.

She was thrilled to discover she could access classes every day on Oomph and choose to take part live or watch a playback.

The inclusive options include exercise that helps with fitness, balance, flexibility and mobility, and Jean is having fun working up a sweat.

Verwood Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Emilia Turner said that many other residents are feeling the benefit too.

Emilia said: “Jean is so active and self-motivated - it’s been fab to see her enjoying her exercise.

“The beauty of the Oomph platform is that there are so many activities to choose from.

“As well as all the exercise options, there are relaxation and mindfulness sessions, musical entertainment, nostalgia activities, and so much more.

“I’ve found it incredibly helpful in planning out fun activities that the residents can get involved in.”

Verwood has a single log-in for the service and can use it on multiple devices across the home.

That means staff can assist Jean to log into the exercise classes on a tablet or smart TV while other residents are accessing a different session elsewhere on another device.

Emilia said: “Oomph has inspired us to try new things – and the mindfulness sessions have been great.

“The impact on residents is positive – they are able to engage with the sessions, increase their movement and relax too.

“We’re looking forward to discovering more of what Oomph has to offer us.”