July 2023

Upton Residents Take Care Of The Nature In Their Own Backyard


They want to do everything they can to encourage the local wildlife and find places for it to thrive.

It all started with the RSPB Feed the Birds Day which celebrates the relationship we have with birds. The aim of the initiative is to encourage people to feed and water their avian garden visitors regularly.

Upton Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Amy Morrison said she was delighted with what the team of residents and staff had managed to achieve.

Amy said: “We decided to make bird feeder balls, from seeds and lard, to hang in the garden, as winter approaches it’s very important to keep the birds well fed.

“We also decided to recycle our leftover pumpkins from Halloween by cutting them up to scatter in the garden for other wildlife to enjoy.

“We all loved doing this and feeling like we have made a difference to our local wildlife.”