July 2023

Upton Manor Residents Create Colourful Home Aquarium


Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Tina Betteridge said that residents love doing mindfulness colouring sessions, and she wanted to find a way to show off their work.

So, when she suggested that they could work together on a home aquarium display, they loved the idea.

Tina said: “Our mindfulness colouring sessions are very popular – the residents really enjoy being creative.

“One of our interior windows was identified as the perfect spot for our aquarium, and the residents got to work.

“It didn’t take long before we had jellyfish, octopus, fish, turtles and whales to add.”

The crafting was all done using recycled materials, so it’s a sustainable underwater installation too.

The sea creatures were painted in bright colours so that it was eye-catching for visitors and fellow residents.

Tina said: “It was lovely to see the residents working together on this project - we spent some happy hours together drawing, colouring and chatting.

“After taking down the Christmas decorations, it was great to have something bold and colourful to look at in Upton Manor.

“The residents were very proud of the result.”