July 2023

Smiles and kisses as Molly returns to Milngavie!


The gorgeous dark brown labradoodle has been visiting Residents for several years but unfortunately COVID put a temporary stop to her visits.

However, to celebrate National Pet Month, which is designed to highlight the benefits of much-loved pets, as well as to promote responsible ownership, Molly returned with heaps of cuddles.

Resident Bette was thrilled with the visit from the specially trained therapet.

Bette said: “We all loved having Molly here, she was such a joy. I do hope she comes back again soon.”

Eight-year-old Molly belongs to Anne Telfer.

Anne said: “I am always being told how calm and loving Molly is and she does love to be stroked.

“She is quite happy sitting next to someone and keeping them warm too! She likes to lie her head on peoples’ laps and loves the attention.”

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Morag Scott said: “Research shows that pets can help with our communication as well as acting as a calming influence.

“Animals can help us relax, they can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. They are also a great way to increase social interaction.”

“I think many of our residents really bonded with Molly so hopefully we can bring them back soon for another visit. It was lovely to see how the residents responded to Molly, patting and talking to her.

“Molly has such a beautiful placid presence, faces really lit up when people saw her.

“They can bring us so much happiness. I was delighted that our residents enjoyed the visit.”