Rosewood Cooks Up Nostalgia With Pie and Mash Supper

Residents at Rosewood House took a culinary trip down memory lane this autumn with a pie and mash supper.

Chefs at the Stepney home wanted to celebrate the local area’s famous cuisine, so they set about making a delicious version of the traditional dish.

As they tucked into plates of meat-filled buttery pastry and creamy mash, residents shared stories about enjoying it with their families over the years.

The kitchen team’s efforts were such a hit that one resident said it was the best pie and mash he’d ever eaten.

Other residents swapped stories of sharing the dish with loved ones in the past, remarking that every generation seems to have it as a favourite.

Resident Sarah Neal said: “Wow, this is lovely. I remember eating this all the time when I lived at home with my husband, Steven.”

Pie and mash originated in the nearby Docks of London and is made with minced beef, mashed potato and a delicious parsley sauce known as liquor.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Lucy Bingham said: “Pie and mash is such a comfort food, and it is one of those dishes that can get people talking about their family traditions and those special family meals enjoyed around the table.

“We are lucky in East London to still have some very good pie and mash shops, but there is nothing like the pie and mash our chefs cooked up here at Rosewood.

“We all loved it!”