July 2023

Richmond Book Worms Enjoy Delights Of Local Library


The group of four including Beryl and Lawrence French, Breda Buchanan and Roger Gaylor have decided to make the visit a regular excursion and will encourage other residents to follow.

The library in Dunstable Street is a short walk from the home, which is in the same road.

It houses thousands of books as well as all the latest periodicals. It also hosts a Coffee and Craft drop-in social group for crafters, starting in September that the group hopes to attend.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Lead Clare Cook said that the afternoon had been a huge success and very worthwhile.

She said: “The Ampthill Library is quite literally on our doorstep so what a great idea to make the visit part of the regular schedule.

“It’s a lovely and very well-resourced library and we are lucky to have it as part of our thriving community.”

And each resident has their own reading taste. Beryl loves to read historical romance novels, Lawrence enjoys a daily paper and likes to vary the ones he reads, whilst Roger loves cars and fishing so turns to Top Gear magazine and a What Car magazine and Breda likes to focus on the local history section.