July 2023

Richmond Bakers Enjoy Chocolate Chip Delights


Eggs, flour, butter and bowlfuls of chocolate were used to make the perfect treats for the session to mark National Baking Week aimed at spreading the joy of baking.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Lead Clare Cook said that the baking session was something all the residents could enjoy.

“Baking stimulates all our senses, and it also stirs up memories from the past as well as building up an appetite. When we started baking, people began talking about their memories of learning to bake with their parents and siblings as children.

“It is also a very physical activity as well as helping us also follow the instructions and getting us weighing and measuring.”

Baking is a known stress buster as many recipes are repetitive, and involve kneading, measuring, shaping and decorating – a great way to reduce stress.