Police Horses Bring Back Precious Memories For Doris

A visit from police horses Wendy and Jasmin created quite a stir at Rosewood House this autumn and brought back one resident’s wonderful memories.

The impressive duo arrived at Rosewood alongside their police handlers and the horses proved to be gentle guests.

Resident Doris Goddard used to have her own horses, so seeing Wendy and Yasmin stirred up fond memories of her riding days as well as caring for her horses at their stables.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Lucy Bingham said: “The horses were very impressive, and they are certainly beautiful creatures, they are very gentle giants and were so patient.

“I initially contacted the Met Police and asked them if they visited care homes with their horses. It seems they always love seeing and visiting elderly people as it teaches the horses to be gentle.

“Some of the residents did not want to go too near them, but Doris and resident Mary Scott got close and stroked the horses.

“Doris was definitely in her element and was talking about the horses that she used to have and that one of their names was Toffee.

“It was a perfect day for the visit as the sun shone and people could stand outside chatting to the mounted police.”