Ode To Upton Pays Tributes To The Carers

Creative residents at Upton Manor came up with their very own ode to their home to celebrate National Poetry Day.

The short poem pays tribute to the carers, the good food and all the activities at the home. The residents were inspired by the works of poets Pam Ayres and Edward Lear who was the great populariser of the limerick.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach at Upton Amy Morrison said: “We found the works of Pam Ayres and Edward Lear to be so inspirational.

“So, I thought it would be a nice idea to write our own poem/ode, and everyone chose the subject to be our carers.

“Each resident said something they liked about our carers/home and these positives were then worked on by everyone, including family members present, to create a truly wonderful ‘Ode to Upton Manor’.

“It was such a wonderful experience, enjoyed by all and I’m so very grateful to have been a part of it.”

National Poetry Day is the UK’s largest celebration or poetry. The idea is to share poetry amongst friends and family. It is run by a charity called the Forward Arts Foundation.