July 2023

Nesbit Residents Step Back To The Sixties


It’s six decades since The Beatles burst onto the pop scene, man walked on the moon and flower power ruled.

But the sounds and scenes of the swinging 60s were as fresh and fabulous as ever as nurse Alex Ratua and Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Hannah Jean hosted a special event.

They hoped to recapture the vitality of era and hear residents’ stories about growing up in the 60s.

Hannah Jean said: “It’s wonderful to hear people talk about the 1960s it was such a significant decade with its explosion of culture.

“It must have been an amazing time to live through, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and, of course, the huge rise of our very own Beatles.

“This is all part of our history and, of course, for the residents it is part of their memories and their youth which everyone has a different recollection and experience of.”

Alex added: “We all like to reminisce about past times and our ability to recall and reflect can help people remember who they used to be and regain a sense of their identity.

“For staff, listening to people’s memories helps us get to know residents even better.”

The pair, who dressed to the 60s theme, spent the day entertaining residents at the Badgers Mount home. They organised a series of activities including a 60s quiz as well as plenty of favourite musical hits.