July 2023

Music fills Nesbit House With Joy!


Live entertainer Liam Joseph put on an incredible afternoon performance at Nesbit’s first concert since lockdown ended.

He wowed residents with renditions of swing classics, pop hits and their favourites during a terrific hour-and-a-half set.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Hannah Jean said everyone loved watching Liam perform.

Hannah said: “Liam’s performance was a true showstopper – he had everyone singing and dancing along.

“The atmosphere was fantastic, and he ended up playing extra songs because the residents didn’t want the concert to end.

“We’ve booked him to perform every month this year, so the residents won’t have to wait too long for another encore.”

The next day, Residents were in fine voice again as Lisa Pickering arrived to deliver an interactive music therapy session.

With her trusty guitar and electric piano, Lisa encouraged Residents to pick up an instrument from the assortment she’d brought.

They could choose from drums, bells, xylophones and shakers, and Lisa had the group singing in harmony with her.

Hannah said: “Music therapy has a profound impact on residents – particularly those living with dementia.

“It’s wonderful to see the group joining in with Lisa and finding ways to express themselves through music. It was a joyful session.”

Hannah is also putting on regular choir sessions after signing Nesbit up for the Forget Me Not Chorus.

The initiative is designed to bring together care homes across the nation to add their voices to the choir.

Again, the sessions help residents living with dementia connect with others and express themselves.

Hannah added: “The Forget Me Not Chorus is a wonderful project, and Nesbit residents love taking part.

“Music is such an important part of their lives, and they sing along at the top of their voices!

“It’s lovely to know that we’re part of a nationwide choir designed to bring the joy of music into the lives of residents.”