July 2023

Milngavie Residents Hit The Right Note Thanks To Luminate Project


Luminate is an organisation that works to ensure older people in Scotland enjoy high quality arts as well as creative activities wherever they live.

So, it was a great privilege when musician Ruth from Luminate visited the Craigton Road home.

And it wasn’t long before she got people singing, tapping their toes and even playing instruments they had never tried before.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Morag Scott said residents were delighted with the Luminate visit which meant that Ruth visited the home five times over several weeks.

She said: “We were matched with Ruth through the Luminate programme, and she was superb. The residents enjoyed playing instruments as well as singing along. It was very inspiring.

“Ruth was excellent at encouraging people to take part. Some people played instruments they had no prior experience with, and displayed real trepidation, but with a bit of time and encouragement, they were soon in full flow.

“We all went music mad! It was incredibly uplifting. The creative arts are very important to all of us and particularly to our health and wellbeing.”

Luminate works with millions of artists who share their skill, talent and experience with the community around them.

And after such a successful afternoon, Morag is keen for another visit from the Luminate team.