July 2023

Messy Halloween Fun As Newton Invites Nursery Kids In


The children from Orchard Park Nursery in Barrhead Road regularly visit the residents at Newton House as part of their intergenerational project.

Halloween and pumpkin carving provided the perfect excuse to share ideas and get their hands dirty at the Newton Mearns home.

Wellbeing and lifestyle coach Marianne Fernandez-Faichney said residents and children were delighted with the event.

Marianne said: “Everyone benefits from something like this as we all have something to learn from one another.

“The residents have wonderful experiences to share, and they really enjoy seeing the children so excited about the smallest of things. We all laugh together.

“It gives both the residents and children new perspectives. Studies have shown that connections like these increase the wellbeing of both the elderly and the young.

“It encourages everyone to be more mobile and to laugh a lot!”

Intergenerational work is known to help develop empathy, care, and kindness. And because of distances and changing lifestyles, many children tend to spend less time around their grandparents than in previous generations, so intergenerational projects like this are important.

Marianne added: “All of us can benefit from communicating better with one another and this project makes everyone aware of how they must slightly change the way they communicate to build up a relationship.

“It is also lovely to see how the children begin to understand any disability a resident may have, and then work around it.

“We would like to thank Orchard Nursery for sharing with us and joining this amazing project.”