Medals Galore At Abbots Wood Manor Commonwealth Games

Team Abbots Wood Manor has got into the spirit of this year’s Commonwealth Games by hosting their own sporting competition.

To get the residents to peak performance, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Kay Griffett hosted training days ahead of the official Abbots Wood games.

Instead of the traditional Commonwealth track and field events, the residents competed in inclusive games, including hoopla, indoor bowls and catch.

No matter which game they were playing, the Residents kept up the competitive pressure.

According to Kay, every medal was hard fought.

Kay said: “It was so exciting to host the Abbots Wood Games at the same time as the Commonwealth competition kicked off.

“We watched the incredible opening ceremony, which inspired us to go all out for our games too.

“It was lucky we’ve been blessed with lovely weather across our game days, which meant the residents could enjoy the fresh air.

“Our games were all about moving more and engaging in activities, something the residents aced.”

Other events included games of hook a duck, bean bag throwing and balloon tennis.

Every event brought its own fun and enjoyment.

Kay said: “It was good to do a range of inclusive games so residents could master different events.

“We thoroughly enjoyed handing out the medals to our winners, who were happy to be on the ‘podium’.

“After our sporting activities, the residents could relax and watch the Commonwealth Games on the TV.

“It’s been the highlight of the summer so far.”