July 2023

Lawrence Keeps Upton’s Garden Blooming!


Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Tina Betteridge said that Lawrence has always been a keen gardener, and she wanted to help him keep up his hobby.

So, when Upton took delivery of some lovely new garden boxes ready to be filled with beautiful blooms, Tina hit upon an idea.

She asked Lawrence if he’ll help her water and care for the plants, and now he heads out most mornings to undertake his duties.

Tina said: “It’s been fantastic to see Lawrence back in his garden happy place.

“It’s nice and cool in the mornings, so we head out early to water the boxes and see how the flowers are doing.

“Lawrence knows all the names of the flowers and plants, so I’m learning a lot from him.

“He is really enjoying his new regime.”

Upton Manor’s gardens are an important part of life at the home.

When the weather is good, Tina likes to take residents out to relax in the green spaces, particularly those living with dementia.

Tina added: “Gardens have multi-sensory benefits – Residents love the colours, scents, textures they can experience in our outside spaces.

“It’s so good for them to get fresh air and enjoy warmer days safely in a lovely space.

“Thanks to Lawrence, everyone can now enjoy looking at his beautiful flowers too.”