Joie de Vivre at Caddington France Day

Residents at Caddington Grove took a trip to France this July as they enjoyed a virtual summer holiday in the country’s best-loved locations.

Each resident got a boarding pass as they stepped into the Home’s cinema to journey across the Channel.

Once inside, the big screen transported them to Paris, where they took a virtual tour of the city of love, and to the majestic palace of Versailles.

From there, the tour stopped in the stunning cities of Cannes, Nice and Bordeaux before it was time for refreshments.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach Claire O’Neill said the residents loved the chance to experience the beauty of France.

Claire said: “It was the perfect summer treat – France is such a picturesque country.

“Most residents had visited Paris before, so the conversation was full of great memories and stories.

“It was great to explore the beautiful cities in the south of France, especially since we didn’t need to leave the cinema to get there!”

When the tour finished, residents headed to the special Café de Paris that had been created in the bar.

There they got to sip Chardonnay and Bordeaux wine and snack on French patisserie.

Chef had put Coq au Vin on the menu for dinner, and the soundtrack kept to the Gallic theme.

Claire said: “Everybody knows that the French are the masters of food and wine, so it was great to give residents a flavour of that culinary magic.

“It was lovely to see the residents having so much fun - they thoroughly enjoyed their day in France.”