Inspirational Dolly Starts New Year's Health Drive At Rosewood

Inspirational Rosewood House resident Dolly has completed a New Year fitness challenge and inspired her friends to do the same.

Determined Dolly has taken 800 steps in just one month in spite of her using a wheelchair.

The energetic 94-year-old has not been put off by the cold weather and has counted her steps inside the home and on trips outside.

Dolly said: “I want to keep exercising and I want to stay active. I love walking and I love the fresh air; everybody can benefit from it; it will make them better and feel happy.”

The former tailor has lived in Stepney Green all her life and knows the area like the back of her hand.

She still likes to walk to the residential garden and Stepney Park where she stops for an exercise routine. Even if she’s tired, she has said that she can sit in the wheelchair and still do some leg raises.

Dolly, also known as Doris, spends a lot of her time with her son Ronald, who she has also urged to step alongside her.

Rosewood’s Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Lucy Bingham said: “Dolly is a true inspiration.

“She is telling us all to get on with our steps and we just cannot keep up with her! For Dolly it is the leg raises that benefit her most.

“Keeping fit is important for all of us, for our physical as well as our mental wellbeing, if we keep moving, we benefit in so many ways. The steps challenge can be done inside as well as outside, so even when the weather is bad, there’s no excuse not to join in.”

Everyone at Rosewood pledged to walk 318,400 steps in January.